Culture Master Class Series:

Try this today. It will start to foster a culture of ‘one-team’, a culture of learning, and importantly a culture or delivering value to customers.

Here is one ‘simple’ change you can learn to make that will mature your thinking from manager to leader and start creating a culture of ‘Trust, Truth & Transparency’.

Managers ask the three questions: ‘What will I get?’, ‘ When will I get it?’ and ‘What will it cost?’. These questions come a need to satisfy a short-term ‘lust for certainty’ – a satisfaction that is usually short lived.

Sadly these questions are not usually answered clearly – leading to a breakdown in trust, truth and transparency.

These questions come from a belief that value is released at the end of a set of tasks. This is old school thinking. Inspirational leaders know that value is streamed to customers, driven by customers and should only end when customers are no longer seeing value.

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Be Brave - Trust, Truth, Transparency.

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