Go Get What’s There For The Brave

This Is Your Opportunity To Start Again

Avoid Your Lust For Certainty – Go Get What’s There For The Brave

Your lust for certainty is killing your decision making.

What has happened to us all over the past few months is already having a major economic and social impact on how we see the world of work.  What we take out of what we are experiencing, in social as well as economic terms will determine who we are as Australians, what we represent as a country and the kind of future we will create.

This is the start of something amazingly big, these are concerning and exciting times for those prepared to move forward with their eyes wide open to the genuine opportunity yet to come. Like explorers of old.

So what’s holding you back?  Are you waiting for more information to assist your decision?  Data driven decisions come with a hidden warning –

data comes from the past, hence data driven decisions rely on the future equalling the past.  The new game is exactly that, new. Most markets have gone through a step change in the past two months, the past no longer predicts the future.

The leaders in the new game will make decisions they are not certain about, that are not backed by data but are based on information at hand and a decision made to test, and learn… speed to market… its an old adage but it’s true.  Leaders in the new game to pivot, weave, and out manoeuvre their competition.   Those searching for justifiable answers will look up and wonder how they lost the game.  By the time you have achieved certainty, you’re too late.  New leaders willingly step into the unknown.

It is still early days, but it is both a warning and an opportunity to be ready; for an opportunity of this magnitude comes around only once in a lifetime. Too late will be too late. This time the speed of introduction and rapid adoption, will increase the magnitude of its impact as to how we think and conduct business, and how we live as citizens, how we live as humans.

This time it’s our turn, this is truly an opportunity for the bold, it means increased involvement and productivity that will have the effect of changing all work for the better and making us and the Australian economy stronger. For the first time, we can create enterprises built for change by foreseeing, adapting, and anticipating change.  We have tools. Do we have the mindset? Do we have the leaders? Do we have the courage?

How would you feel embarking on a venture like Christopher Columbus?

Not unlike today, it was an age of exploration. Christopher Columbus and his crew set to sea knowing little of what lay ahead. What an adventure, what a mission, what an outcome. Possibly with fear and trepidation of not knowing what to expect, they willingly sailed into the unknown. “Following the light of the sun we left the old world.” What challenges would they encounter along the way? No one knew. But, set forth they did, making it up as they went along, until their incredible challenge, to find a New World, was complete. They must have gazed in amazement at what they had done.

Often, I can feel and hear that same concern when chatting with executives about such a change; that is natural. It is not a skill that has been required regularly over the past years.  The fear of the unknown is not new, and neither is change. It is certainly not a problem to avoid, but an opportunity to grasp.

Has so much changed in human character over those 50 years, that it has left us with a ’lust for certainty,’ unwilling to decide a future for ourselves? Not committing or making decisions, lusting for that extra bit of information… until we have created an illusion of certainty?  By the time your lust for certainty has been fulfilled those who have learnt to control their lust for certainty will already own where you want to go.

Where would we be today if Christopher Columbus had said, “no way I’m not going to sail into the unknown, just to see if a new World even exists.” If in his ‘lust for certainty’ he had decided “It’s just too risky, that’s not the way we have always done things around here” the world would today be a different place.

The game is on.  There are new markets out there, new problems to solve, new services in demand.  For the bold, these are there for the taking – wealth is waiting for the bold.  ‘The certain’ will sit on the side lines, watching the game unfold, collecting more and more information, convincing themselves that they will eventually win the game – only to find the game has ended, the winners have won and the celebrations are underway.

Do not let this opportunity pass you by. Unless you take up the challenge, you will never know just how great you can be.

Doing today, what you did yesterday, hoping tomorrow will be better – ‘business as usual’ will not cut it.

Be honest with yourself. Is a lust for certainty stopping you from taking the step into the unknown? Is it stopping you from finding the greatness this opportunity is offering?  Is your lust for certainty allowing your competition to grasp new opportunities while you are lusting to make the right decision?

Reach out, I’ll help you win.  Your competitors are already making a move. Tick, tick, tick…

Avoid your lust for certainty – go get what’s there for the brave.

Steve Randall

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