Building A Customer Culture

Culture Master Class Series:

Try this today. It will start to foster a culture of ‘one-team’, a culture of learning, and importantly a culture or delivering value to customers.

Here is one ‘simple’ change you can learn to make that will mature your thinking from manager to leader and start creating a culture of ‘Trust, Truth & Transparency’.

Managers ask the three questions: ‘What will I get?’, ‘ When will I get it?’ and ‘What will it cost?’. These questions come a need to satisfy a short-term ‘lust for certainty’ – a satisfaction that is usually short lived.

Sadly these questions are not usually answered clearly – leading to a breakdown in trust, truth and transparency.

These questions come from a belief that value is released at the end of a set of tasks. This is old school thinking. Inspirational leaders know that value is streamed to customers, driven by customers and should only end when customers are no longer seeing value.

Leaders need to change their thinking and questions to ‘Are our customers getting the value they require?’, ‘How can WE help you deliver more value to customers?’, ‘What have WE learnt and how quickly can WE test it to see if it adds more value?’

You will be amazed at the results.

These are useful questions, they drive inclusion and are customer centric questions. They show that you understand there may not be an end date, so long as the value is being created and is flowing to where it is needed.

Simon Sinek talks about playing the infinite game, and these questions represent that. The goal is to start delivering value as fast as possible, to work with customers to learn and test that learning to work out how to add more value.

If you want to be a true, customer centric leader then start thinking about value, finding value with customers, and working on ways to deliver that value as fast as possible – shorten the innovation to implementation cycle.

Congrats – if you start doing this, or if you already are, you are a customer centric leader creating a customer centric culture.

If you are lucky, there will be no end. Value will be created forever (and your product or service will sell forever) – because you keep asking these questions to yourself and your teams.

Bring the spirit of leadership back.
Be Brave - Trust, Truth, Transparency.

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