Dirty Agile

The other morning I was a guest presenter (I really don’t like that word… I interacted with people) at a breakfast with Deloitte in Brisbane.  The topic was, agile, how I’ve implemented it and the results achieved at my latest client. Half way through this session I chuckled to myself and coined the phrase ‘dirty agile’ – [...]

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The Human Side of Business – Minimize Management, Maximize Leadership.

Managing should be an invisible, yet a productive force. So, how do you improve the efficiency of the human-side of Organizations needed for the future success of a business? Everything to do with work can be changed for the better, if only Management today is comfortable with simply pointing out where the business needs to go and [...]

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How To Deliver Constant Change Without Burning Out Your Teams

As new beliefs clash with the old, ‘fast change’ has come to mean must change, and with it has come disposable skills, the loss of feeling valued and stable, and a lack of leadership and mentors. This has resulted in not only a knowledge deficiency within our Organizations but also, a shift in the centre [...]

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How Spotify Do It – Part 2 of 2

Everytime I watch this series… yep, I watch them regularly… hey why not learn from the very best(!) I learn something new. As your level of agile maturity grows you will face issues.  Architecture, design, fit into assurance frameworks in large organisations, skill set sharing etc.  Spotify seem to have faced them all… and found sweet [...]

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How Spotify Do It (Is this Agile at its best?) Part 1 of 2

Those of you who know me, know that I am a raving fan of Spotify and their Agile culture. Spotify is an amazing free, legal online music streaming service check out their product here (https://www.spotify.com/au/) You see spotify have engaged the Agile philosophy properly.  Agile is about trying, measuring, then retrospectively looking at what worked [...]

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Welcome To Agile Espresso For Highly Collaborative Meetings

Have you ever sat in a meeting and thought “OMG… when will this end?… I’ve gotta get out and get xyz done.”  You didn’t feel engaged, you didn’t feel valued. A silly question I know, of course you have! Sadly meetings like this are common place.  It’s how most meetings around the world are run… [...]

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How To Run A Company (or Team) With (Almost) No Rules

Here’s a thought… If Ricardo can run a successful multi-billion dollar group of companies using his version of Agile, then we should all be striving to instill this mindset into our teams and departments. What’s exciting is that its not just us dev types who are rethinking better ways of working. What do Ricardo’s principles [...]

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