So Who Is Steve?

Hi there.  I’m an experienced business and technology leader with over 30 years experience working with large corporates, governments and start-ups.  Ok, I’ve been saying that for a while now so it’s more like 32 years (with 17 using Agile)!  I’m the creator of EbD (Emotion Based Design… a tool to create products and services your customers will love) and Nimble (EbD+Lean+Agile for High Performing Teams, basically Agile on steroids).

I’m currently heading up a high profile Customer Centric Digital Transformation, with over 2.2 million customers.  Actually Gartner recently wrote a white paper on this project and called it Exemplary – Im very proud of that paper.  Deloitte have also just published a whitepaper on this project and raved about the results and the agile methods.

LinkedIn recently ranked me #10 in the top 25 Agile Evangelists worldwide, I’m pretty happy with that but I’m aiming for #1! (screenshots)

I fell in love with technology and it’s power to change lives when I was a kid, and now I spend my life improving lives through the use of amazing digital, online, web and mobile development.

There is no better feeling than taking a clients idea, cranking it through a well oiled team, and turning it into a solution that puts a huge smile on right across their face.

I started life as a developer, moved into solution design, had a stint in infrastructure, moved onto managing teams, then teams of teams and now lead some of the biggest programs in Australia as I saw that was where I could make the greatest difference.  I am also a qualified Scrum Master with the Scrum Alliance. I’m a sought after speaker and am regularly found presenting at conferences and seminars on agile leadership, transformation, innovation, teams, the future in tech and business change though behavioral change. It’s a great platform for me to share my ideas and experience with others.

Now… I have a twist.  Unlike most project managers from a structured Prince 2 background I have a belief that, until Agile gained popularity was seen as quite confrontational.  You see, I believe that you can’t manage people.  This still raises a lot of eye brows in the PM community, well… in the management community in general.

My core leadership principle is that you manage tasks and inspire people to deliver those tasks.

So why the logo?  Well, it started as a dare over a few beers one evening and it has sort of stuck as a joke since then!

Here’s some of the companies and brands I have worked with in Brisbane, Melbourne, London & New York.

Steve Randall Agile Leadership
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