How To Put The ‘Fun’ Into Work Environments

So you have, or you are implemented Agile in some form, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe…  These are both exciting and scary times.  You’ve convinced your boss that this is a better way to create software, to create and deliver business value earlier, quicker and to build an amazing team.  You have told your boss you can take [...]

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4 Easy Ways To Inspire Performance & Creativity On Your Project

Want to inspire a high performance team?  Want to inspire creativity on your project? You need to create an environment that is so ‘awesome’, creativity and productivity is never an issue.  Here’s some ideas to get started… Here is a short list of simple ways to inspire your teams creativity and get them cranking out the productivity and [...]

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Is your company infected with SCRUMBUT?

If you’ve been around SCRUM long enough you will be familiar with the term SCRUMBUT. SCRUM what? SCRUMBUT. First off it makes me chuckle, it’s a great name.  Then my stomach churns. “We use SCRUM… but…” Memories of bad senior stakeholder initial meetings come flooding back… “We run Agile here, so we don’t create requirements”, [...]

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What to do if your teams continually miss their commitments

What should you do if your teams continually miss their commitments? That’s a question I get all the time and it is a serious problem. Interestingly, though, the answer to this problem might not be what you think it is. Sometimes people naturally think my teams are terrible at estimating or maybe they just don’t [...]

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