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No-one likes a long running task.  Day after day, coming in to work to do more of the long running task.  Its a demoraliser…

I teach teams an agile/SCRUM trick, and that is to create your tasks so they can be completed within one day.  This way you go home with a sense of achievement, not dread!

Impossible you say… well let me explain a bit more.  I don’t mean the task is fully complete with in a day, sure a lot of tasks can be completed within one day, but there are a lot that cant. So you need to be smart.

What you deliver at the end of the day should be usable in some way or form.

Perhaps a piece of work has a lot of rules that it has to pass.  Pick of couple of the rules and make the work pass those.  Then the next day you can add more rules.

Chunk the work into pieces, pieces that make sense to the end result.  Processing loan applications?  Break the tasks down into sections, don’t do lots of little bits with nothing completed.

This takes practice and more learning than I can fit into this post!  Research it and find your own way that fits your teams work.

To start and finish tasks with-in the day is a huge morale booster for teams.

This is one of the first things I focus on when re-mediating projects that are slipping.  It really lifts morale and then productivity.

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